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May 29, 2023

In today’s episode, I’m joined by breakthrough coach, Andrew Anderson. Andrew has been in the coaching game for a while, and he accomplished what very few managed to achieve as a KW productivity coach. Always placed in a position to help and support others from a young age, and becoming a teacher first, Andrew traded selling homes for coaching people, and he considers it his true calling. 


Andrew is a transformational speaker, breakthrough coach and the international bestselling author of “Strength of the Oak, Strength of the Willow: How to Find Courage & Compassion in a Turbulent World”. His passion influences each individual to shatter limiting beliefs and transform their lives and businesses. From stuck or uncertain to grounded and free, Andrew’s insights give you power as you learn how to level up in more ways than you ever thought possible. 


Most agents sign up for coaching because they’ve hit a wall in their business, only to find that the wall is within. What starts out as a skill-based intervention turns into a mindset one because what holds us back has nothing to do with our businesses. The best coaches are able to get down to the stuff clients don’t want to talk about like whether or not they feel worthy of what they have. For coaches, the job is helping people get past those negative thoughts and limiting beliefs so they can breakthrough in life and business.


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