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Apr 17, 2023

In today’s episode, I’m joined by our longtime friend and collaborator, Brian Gubernick. We’ve known Brian since the early days of our real estate careers, and over the years, he’s worn many hats in the industry. He’s fired up by the concept of doing something, anything every single day to get better and it’s reflected in the kind of businesses he’s built and the contributions he’s made, including starting a mastermind business. 


Brian Gubernick is a 15+ year residential real estate industry veteran, having held the roles of real estate investor, sales agent, sales team owner/leader, expansion (multi-state) team owner, brokerage operating partner, coach/trainer, and corporate executive. He is the co-founder of the Metrix Mastermind, Chief Real Estate Officer at PLACE and host of No Days Off. 


In our industry, the word mastermind gets thrown around a lot, but what most people call masterminds are actually just classes. To be clear, there’s obviously a time and a place for lessons and being talked at, but that’s not what masterminds are designed for. 


The whole point is getting a group of high performing individuals together in a room and allowing them to collaborate, brainstorm, pick apart what they are doing in order to improve it. The different vantage points, the space to prompt thoughts and ideas, and harnessing the collective genius is what makes masterminds so powerful. 




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