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Dec 23, 2019

About the Episode

On this episode, I’m joined by real estate agent, social media expert and trainer, and real estate’s social media Queen, GoGo Bethke. After moving to the US and dabbling in different careers and discovering her passion for real estate, GoGo was able to get an edge early in her real estate career when she realized that social media marketing has tremendous power. Today GoGo has the largest social media following out of all agents in the state of Michigan. She is the perfect person to talk about building a strong social media following built on authenticity and education. 


GoGo is the founder and owner of Gogo's Real Estate LLC, and a real estate coach through her program, GoGo’s Bootcamp. She came to the US from Romania in 2003. After trying to work in data entry in a warehouse, sales rep in a jewelry store, restaurant food safety auditor, waitress to being a stay at home mom, her neighbor recommended she become a Realtor. Over 80% of the Realtors give up in the 1st year, and GoGo wasn’t about to be a statistic. But she was also broke, with no SOI, no experience, barely speaking English with $6 to my name. So that left her with nothing else but Facebook at the time, and that’s where she started. She created Gogo’s Real Estate and my real estate career started! With the power of social media she has sold over $45M in residential real estate transactions. 


Many people in our industry fail to gain any meaningful traction with social media; not because they aren’t interesting enough or capable enough to grow a following; but because of limiting beliefs. The key to unlocking social media growth like GoGo did is to think more about selling yourself and not houses. It makes it easier for us to talk about who we are and what we believe in, and that’s what will qualify the people who want to work with us, and disqualify the ones that aren’t worth our time. 

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About;


- How GoGo dabbled in different careers, and what made her choose real estate. 

- What it was was getting started in real estate with no SOI or experience.

- How to develop a winner’s mindset, and how GoGo became a pioneer in Facebook groups. 

- How to overcome the initial bumps of a new career.

- GoGo’s Bootcamp and how she helps agents improve at social media. 

- How to figure out how much money to spend on social media. 

- What stops people from having success in social media. 

- The value of being you online. 

Guest Info

GoGo is a real estate agent, social media expert, coach and Founder/Owner of Gogo's Real Estate LLC and GoGo’s Bootcamp. For more information, visit Connect with GoGo on LinkedIn, and follow @GoGosRealEstate on other social media platforms.