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Aug 30, 2021

On today’s episode of the Kevin and Fred Show, our good friend Chris Jones returns! He joins us once again to catch up on what Guerilla Realty has been up to, and to drop some gems on the marketing strategies every agent should be implementing right now. He gives us golden nuggets on creating superior CMAs, flipping FSBOs and how to become a true market expert. 


Chris Jones is the co-founder and CEO of Guerilla Realty. With his brother, Levi, Chris tests hundreds of formulas to grow a real estate business. Then they take the most effective strategies and turn them into step-by-step instructions for agents to implement. 


At some point, every Realtor realizes that getting consistent clients is difficult. Even the best agents eventually run out of people they know to sell real estate to, and the only action you can take is building up the marketing piece to create a reliable pipeline of deals. 


Real estate is the greatest business on earth, and when we stack marketing, relationships, negotiation, and market expertise on top of our sales skills, we won’t have to rely on hustle to keep creating momentum. Chris shares the top tactics any agent can implement starting right now. 





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