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Oct 3, 2022

In today’s episode, I’m joined by our good friend, David Queen. This podcast is a long time in the making! We’ve worked with David in so many capacities, we’ve done webinars, collaborated and even shared referrals and now we’re finally going to sit down for a really cool conversation about business and the path David has taken. The growth of his business is nothing short of impressive, at one point holding 14% of the market share in his city. He’s gone from selling at a high level to leading at a high level, and today he shares what that journey was like and what he has learned. 


Selling at a high level and leading other agents to success at a really high level are two completely different skill sets - think Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson. To go from the guy with 14% of the listing market share in a city, to running a really great team is no easy feat. What’s even harder is building a team where people truly root for each other - where there’s no jealousy, where there’s real value, and a strong sense of partnership. Dave Queen has done all this and more, and it’s not by coincidence. 


To be the leader who runs this kind of team, there are mindsets we need to steep ourselves in, and beliefs we may have to change. A big part of the job of a team leader is to develop others and help our agents believe in themselves to create the lives they want. To do this, we have to care about people outside of the benefit they provide to us and truly pour into them. Even though we’re still running at high speed, it won’t be in the same lane as we did when we sold homes, but it’s still rewarding - if not more.  

Guest Info


David is the team leader and owner of the BMP Network. The BMP Network is a  real estate team that puts agents first by empowering each other to Build, Motivate, and Prosper. David’s been in real estate for 17 years and he continues to work toward being a better leader and furthering his mission to contribute and empower powerful agents. Follow @savagedq on Instagram. 




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