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The Kevin and Fred Show 

Apr 11, 2022

In today’s episode, I’m joined by real estate entrepreneur, and investor-friendly broker Dom Santaniello. Dom has an interesting story and journey into real estate - after leaving behind a six-figure engineering job, he has scaled a fix and flip business, rental property portfolio & real estate brokerage. Dom really has a knack of creative financing, and his story really emphasizes that this is something every real estate professional should be leaning into with the direction our business is going. 


Dom Santaniello is an entrepreneur, investor, broker and the founder of Naples Realty Group. He has built a Fix and Flip Business, Rental Property Portfolio and Real Estate Brokerage. 


For real estate agents who want to start investing, it feels near-impossible to compete with all the capital coming in from Wall Street. There’s a lot of pressure on the way we conventionally acquire properties, so looking for other capital solutions is critical to our survival. 


This is where creative financing comes in. 


We have to completely change how we think about the real estate deals we come across every day. As an agent, you can slap a sign on anything and sell it, but the true value is understanding the mechanics of capital, taxes, and investment. This is the advantage that will keep us relevant for years to come.  


Guest Info


Dom Santaniello is an entrepreneur, investor, broker and the founder of Naples Realty Group. He was able to leave a six-figure Engineering Job in 3 years by scaling a Fix & Flip Business, Rental Property Portfolio & Real Estate Brokerage. Dom made a name for himself in the local market by putting together a large multi-family package deal and negotiating a discounted, owner-financed property in lieu of collecting a facilitation fee. This strategy was able to net the seller more money, offer the buyer a better purchase price and get Dom into a stabilized, cash flowing asset with no money down. Today, Dom works as a full time Real Estate Investor, Broker & Entrepreneur. He was fortunate enough to cross paths with Luke Giusto, a like-minded, young Entrepreneur in the Real Estate Business which sparked the formation of Naples Home Buyers, Naples Realty Group and various other Real Estate Entities. 


Together, Dom and Luke have built a Rental Property Portfolio of BRRR deals that amount to over 30 units and have successfully flipped 25+ properties and wholesaled 35+ deals since the end of 2019. Their brokerage, Naples Realty Group, has scaled to over 30 agents across two states in just under 1 year of formation (and counting). 


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