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Oct 31, 2022

In today’s episode, I’m joined by agent, author, coach and friend Crystal Hughes. Crystal has such amazing energy, a huge willingness to share, a love for giving back to the real estate industry, and a really amazing and inspiring story. Crystal’s approach of care and humor is one of the superpowers that makes her such a great coach and agent, and there’s so much we can learn from her own journey. She shares what she learned from her sister’s childhood illness, how she got started in real estate, and how a moment of perceived failure actually set her up for massive success. 


Crystal Hughes is a Licensed Realtor since 2013, Certified Success Magazine Coach, Previous Sales Manager for Top 1% Team in eXp in WA, and the author of Winning in Real Estate. She was voted Realtor of the Year & Realtor Achievement Award in 2021, and she’s a previous Team Leader of a Keller Williams Realty Franchise. Crystal’s passion and expertise is helping people accelerate their goals with clarity and execution. 


Between market shifts, missteps and things that don’t work out how we’d hoped, we’ve all had moments that really felt like failures in the moment, but turned out to be the best things. Seemingly detrimental in the short-term, these failures actually help us identify what’s missing in our businesses, skills, or lives and then figure out how to improve. Pain can be our friend if we’re able to find the gift in it and see what we can gain from it. 


It’s the worst things we’ve ever gone through, and things we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies that become the foundation of our successes, our biggest personal lessons and things we teach others. 





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