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Apr 24, 2023

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Joe Polish, someone who means a lot to us and whose book has had a huge impact on us. He joins us for a special conversation about his latest book What’s In It For Them, and so many other noteworthy topics. We’re lucky enough to have our office near Joe’s office and over the years, we’ve seen up close the impact he’s made on so many people. From making a huge contribution to changing how people understand sobriety, to being really open about his own struggles, Joe’s commitment to connection has brought so much good to the world. 


Joe Polish is one of the most sought after marketers alive today. He is the president of Piranha Marketing Inc, the founder of Genius Network®, and the author of What’s In It For Them. Known for his ability to connect with almost anyone on the planet, he leverages his networking prowess to bring together the top industry transformers and leaders in the world. His mission is to change the global conversation around addiction and recovery from one of judgment to one of compassion. 


There’s not a single person that doesn’t want to influence people, but the question is how we influence the right people and do it the right way. The answer is connection - our ability to reduce, eliminate it or just acknowledge someone’s pain. Connection solves many of the problems we face as human beings, whether it’s in business or addiction.


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