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Nov 21, 2022

In today’s episode, Dustin Brohm returns for a special catch-up episode. When it comes to marketing, Dustin really knows his stuff, and in this conversation he provides in-depth tactics and insights about content creation, and gives us an update about his own podcast. So much has changed about social media in the last couple of years, and if we’re planning to use it for business growth, we have to know what audiences expect today. Dustin will also share why he decided to delete his entire Instagram and start from scratch with 14,000 followers. 


When you’re doing all the right things, but your Instagram account hits a ceiling in engagement, it could be the algorithm holding a past transgression against you. Buying followers is something a lot of people do in the social media game, but that can come back to bite us in the future as Dustin discovered. 


Starting over with a clean slate, not weighed down by past sins, could be the best move, and in Dustin’s case, the decision paid off quickly. His engagement went through the roof, and he discovered that you can achieve more with less followers when you’re doing social media right. The real magic happens when the people who follow you and engage with your content do so by choice not because you paid for it. 


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