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May 15, 2023

In today’s episode, I’m so excited to finally have our good friend and brother, Knolly Williams on the show. Knolly and us go way back to our early days in real estate, and today we still work together and commit to our mission to always be students of the game. Knolly’s real estate career is very fascinating, but even his previous career is also really interesting. Starting off as a gangsta rapper, Knolly then became a Christian rapper and then built a hugely successful Christian record label. Knolly shares this story today, along with what led him into real estate, and how he became one of the most productive agents working in Austin, Texas.

Knolly Williams, The Business Healer, empowers business leaders, real estate agents and entrepreneurs to spark growth in their businesses by reconnecting to their passion and internal drives. Knolly is a Bestselling Author, an International Speaker and a Thought Leader who has built multiple six and seven figure businesses from scratch. His business healing method teaches you to systemize, organize, automate, and delegate your business in order to create freedom in your finances, time, and location. Now, Knolly owns multiple six figure businesses while working just 3 hours a day, and he empowers business leaders and entrepreneurs to spark business growth like he has.

In real estate, there’s a huge difference between income-producing activities and things we do to feel busy and important. A lot of agents are focused on the latter, and they end up with a trap instead of a business. When you go on a flight, you don’t see the captain but you know they’re piloting the plane to your destination. Real estate is the same, we don’t need to have a hand in everything in order to get the transaction over the finish line. It is possible to work less by building a highly leveraged business. Of course, it’s not as simple as deciding to work less, the business would fall apart if we went about it that way. There are, however, things we can do to begin the process of running a business without sacrificing all our freedom.

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