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Sep 30, 2019

About the Episode

Our guest today is Jeff Glover, an agent, sales expert, team leader and coach with over 17 years in the industry. His success is owed to his ability to be extremely clear on what’s important to him in the business. After having success early in his real estate work, he transitioned into a leadership role. He brings a high level of credibility to his coaching, and he has become a master at communicating at a higher level with versatility. He has built a successful career around building a business he’s passionate, and helping train and grow a strong crop of talented salespeople. 


Jeff Glover started his Real Estate career at the young age of 19. With a strong focus on learning how to sell, prospecting and presenting, Jeff quickly became the top agent in his office. After selling 30 homes in his first year in the business, he was sought out by largest Coldwell Banker firm in Michigan to manage one of their offices. After becoming the top recruiter two years in a row in that office, the 17 office firm with over 600 agents promoted Jeff to their Director of Training and Recruiting. After a few years in that role, Jeff started what is known today as Jeff Glover & Associates, and in 2009, Jeff took his team to Keller Williams. That team is now composed of over 25 agents selling over 1,000 homes a year. Jeff is known industry-wide as a top sales trainer and professional speaker. From his years of experience, trial and error, Jeff has learned the best practices for taking a real estate business from 0-100 and making his associates as successful as possible. Jeff not only talks the talk, he also walks it, at an average of 150 closings per year for himself personally. In addition to selling Real Estate, Jeff enjoys coaching his Team Leaders and the Agency Manager of the title company he founded Titleocity, and participating in his foundation, Glover's Heroes.


In the real estate industry, having a long career and a business with long term success comes down to prioritizing the right things, and never taking the foot off the gas when it comes to our goals. We should only grow the business when the leads and transactions force us to grow, and we should always be teaching our agents to be good salespeople. Gimmicks, trends, technology  and marketing ploys come and go; but if we want to keep competing, we need to put sales excellence at the core of everything we do and teach. 


In Today’s Episode, We Talk About;


- Jeff’s experience of being a new agent at 18 and the simplicity of success in real estate.

- Transitioning from running a sales organization to managing, recruiting and training.

- The right way to grow a business and why we don’t grow by adding more people.

- Why ISAs need to have transactional experience.

- Expanding into training and coaching and why sales should be at the forefront of our activities.

- Jeff’s top 3 tips for living a kickass life. 

Guest Info

Jeff is a broker, coach and the founder of Jeff Glover & Associates, and Glover University.