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Jun 12, 2023

In today’s episode, I’m joined by entrepreneur and real estate expert, Derek Jarr. As someone who has been around real estate for years, Derek is always out in front of trends in our industry and ways to continue providing solutions to the consumer. Case in point: Derek’s business has been ahead of the curve in helping people who want to keep their homes but still access the equity in it. Today, he shares how this solution came to be as well as where he sees real estate heading. 


Derek Jarr is the Founder of CEO at Stay Frank. Our sale-leaseback program allows homeowners to access the equity they have earned without having to move or take out more loans and pay interest. They can become debt-free and have the flexibility of moving on their terms up to 5 years later. 


The real estate market of the last few years made us look a lot smarter than we are. 

When things are easy and money’s flowing, we tend to get dumb and lazy. Now that things have shifted, we can’t get away with doing things the way we used to. 


This market is ripe with opportunities that aren’t dressed as the typical deal. We’re going to see way more creatively-crafted deals than ever before. This is prime time for seller financing, lease-back deals and other unconventional ways of providing value to the consumer. 


One huge problem in our industry is our insistence on the traditional transaction, even when it doesn’t suit the consumer’s situation. We’ll be more successful if we take a creative consultative approach instead of trying to force one approach. 


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