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Mar 1, 2021

In today’s episode of the Kevin & Fred Show, I’m joined by DC agent and team leader, Ryan Butler. With just 5 years in the business, Ryan has grown his operation to 313 units and a volume of $139 million. Right at the beginning, Ryan set out with a huge vision, which he has made a reality. 

Ryan Butler is an entrepreneur, agent and Managing Partner at Coalition Properties Group. It was in 2011, when he bought his first home, that Ryan first fell in love with real estate. Little did he know this purchase would not only be an investment in the traditional sense of homebuying; it would also be a path to a new career.  Ryan believes that home ownership is a path to wealth and security. He takes extreme joy in being a real estate professional because he gets the best of both worlds: he helps clients invest in a home and a future they love, all while providing the same love and security to his new family.

The earning potential of real estate lends itself to people who come into the business with a grand vision but no real plan or understanding of the basic thing that brings the success - running a solid sales business. When a big vision meets the systems and activities needed, that is the powerful sweet spot in the real estate business.

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