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Dec 7, 2020

In this episode, I’m joined by real estate investor, Katy Klesitz. This year alone, she bought 52 single family rental properties in two midwest markets all from her home out-of-state. She put a remote investing strategy in place, which allows her to grow her portfolio in great markets and use systems to run things at a high level. She’s a bad ass business owner and mom, building something amazing on her own terms.  


Katy basically owns a we buy houses company that helps homeowners get a cash offer to sell their home quickly in Omaha and Waco. (her cash offers almost always include the cost of repairs and upkeep to bring the property inline with full market value). 


She grew up in a real estate family and around the real estate world her whole life. She has taken her real estate knowledge and applied it to a business model that works for her and allows her to do something she cares about. 


Many moms want to build really cool businesses, and it seems intimidating from outside looking in, but it is possible. We just have to start, keep going and let the results compound over time.


Website: Katy & Frank Home Buyers
Phone: 402-802-9634