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Oct 29, 2019

**Judge denies Keller Williams' motion to dismiss tech vendor suit**


Keller Williams filed an answer to the complaint, acknowledging it began a relationship with TPI Cloud Hosting in 2015 concerning software development


Keller Williams sought to dismiss the lawsuit under the state’s economic loss doctrine, which precludes claims of fraud in cases where the damages claimed are just the economic loss to the plaintiff of the contract itself.


“Plaintiff’s complaint includes allegations that fraudulent statements were made, identifies three of defendant’s agents who allegedly made the statements, identifies a date range when the statements were allegedly made, the location where the statements were allegedly made, and why the allegedly false statements were false,” Nowlin said in his decision not to dismiss the case.



**Zillow pulls Remine's Zestimate access after 'critical' statement**


Zillow has cut off Remine’s access to its Zestimate application programming interface (API), which will prevent Remine from including Zillow’s automated valuation model in the printed reports, property detail pages and comparative market analyses it provides real estate clients.


Remine Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Spinetto confirmed the move to Inman on Friday, citing recent statements Remine made as one of the reasons for the move.

“I do not know all the reasons why Zillow did this,” Spinetto told Inman. “However the reason we were provided is that they took exception to some of our recent statements, which they viewed as critical of Zillow.”



**Total Expert raises $52M, plans to beef up staff and tech**


The financial services company specializes in marketing technology and has so far raised a total of $86M across multiple funding rounds


Total Expert, a banking and lending marketing software company, announced Thursday that it has raised $52 million, which it plans to spend on new staffers and on beefing up its technology. 

The new cash came as part of a Series C funding round and brings Total Expert’s overall haul to $86 million. The Minneapolis-based company currently employs 218 people, but now hopes to begin hiring new data scientists and technology other experts, as well as accelerate “the development of its APIs, machine learning and AI capabilities.”