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Feb 25, 2020

NLA Live Early Bird Pricing Ends Saturday




kW rolls out consumer app and agents are torn

kW agents torn over the release over the new consumer app. Many agents claiming to love the app while many more agents seem to be frustrated with the app being branded to the company, not the agent. Other agents upset over the data being inaccurate (listing status) and the overall functionality and user interface not being very intuitive.


With any rollout, there are bound to be bugs, but many of these frustrations don't seem to be bugs as much as they are a business decision. What i'm hearing from some kw agents is they're tired of being told the company lines of "consumer research says this , or says that" Many agents have reported being tired of told to "stay positive" or "don't be frustrated" with their tech because that somehow makes them not a team player.



Wells Fargo agrees to pay $3 billion to settle DOJ, SEC investigations over fake accounts


Settlement resolves criminal and civil investigations


Earlier this year, Wells Fargo revealed that it had set aside more than $3 billion to pay for a looming settlement over the bank’s fake account scandal, and now, the other shoe has dropped.


The Department of Justice and Securities Exchange Commission announced Friday afternoon that Wells Fargo will pay $3 billion to settle three separate investigations into the bank’s practices that led to 5,000 Wells Fargo employees opening two million fake accounts in order to receive sales bonuses.




NLA Live Early Bird Pricing Ends Saturday