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Oct 24, 2022

In today’s episode, I’m joined by one of my good friends and the owner/operator of Jay White Group at PLACE Inc. Over the years, it has been great watching Jay grow his business, grow as a leader and continue to win. Jay joined PLACE Inc, and the level of growth he has seen in a down market is incredible. Jay sits down with us to talk about his journey, his perspective on leadership, what led him to PLACE and how that has impacted his business. In a year where the market’s down, Jay has achieved a hell of a jump with a team of agents who are in their first 6-12 months of production. I’m excited to pick Jay’s brain and hear about his real estate Mamba Mentality and he’s preparing to thrive and stay relevant going forward. Not every real estate organization has a heart for the future of the agent. In fact, many operators want to keep us dumb and in the dark, which is especially disconcerting considering what’s happening in and around the real estate industry. With the market shifting, tech disruption, and the threat of commission compression, it’s hard not to feel anxious, exposed and vulnerable right now. Now more than ever being partnered up with the right organization builds a moat around our businesses, and it is the thing that will help us not just survive the future, but thrive and continue to be relevant. Guest Info Jay White is the Operator/Partner at the Jay White Group with PLACE Inc. Their expertise is understanding how to help people get “the most money for their property OR the most property for their money. CTA ​​Please leave us a review at