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Aug 26, 2019

Kash-Wayne Campbell On Turning His Real Estate Job Into a Thriving Business 



On this episode, I talk to life-long entrepreneur, team leader and broker, Kash-Wayne Campbell. He is a seasoned real estate professional, who manages to not just balance a sales team and brokerage responsibilities, but to run all his businesses smoothly and efficiently. He achieved the amazing feat of starting a team in his second year in real estate, and now 7 years in, his business is booming, but he remains dedicated to training his agents and pouring into his people. Kash-Wayne knows what goes into successfully levelling up from having a job to running a thriving business, something many of us aspire to. 


Kash Wayne is a team leader, and a broker at Fave Realty. He was bitten by the entrepreneurship bug early in his life and got his start in business in the entertainment industry. He went to the next level and joined the real estate industry, and his passion for the job and his drive to succeed saw him grow so rapidly that he soon needed to hire more agents. He made the transition from agent to business owner seamlessly and hasn’t looked back since. 


In our industry, many agents are stuck on the transactional hamster wheel, and they never manage to turn the job into a business that can give them freedom. On the other hand, a lot of the people who do build a team fail because they didn’t do it at the right time. Before we grow a team, we have to grow as agents and then as leaders. We have to be highly knowledgeable about the business, so that we have something valuable to teach the people who are joining our teams. If we skip this step, our teams will fail to perform and eventually fall apart. “Become great as a real estate agent first, then bring on other people. Build yourself up first, then start to build the team.” 


On this episode, we discussed;

02:27 - Kash-Wayne’s journey from club promoter to real estate agent and broker.

12:06 - How he balances a sales team, brokerage responsibilities and a family.

15:57 - Why coaching and training are a huge priority for Kash.

20:19 - Tips for growing a team successfully.

23:28 - The importance of creating room for people to grow in our teams. 


Guest Info

Kash-Wayne is a top producing real estate agent, investor and broker at FAVE Realty.