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Oct 10, 2022

In today’s episode, we’re doing something a little bit different inspired by a recent episode of Gabby Reece’s podcast. I’m answering Tim Ferriss’ Classic Questions from his book, Tribe of Mentors. Like many people, Tim Ferris has made a huge impact on my life and my business, and I love this set of questions. So I’m going to be interviewing myself using the framework of these questions, and I really hope it inspires you to answer these questions for yourself! 


It’s important to spend time digging into our beliefs and really contemplating if they are our own. In order to understand our own thoughts, we have to constantly ask questions of ourselves, and really sit and wait for the answers. One of the things I appreciate most about Tim Ferriss is that he always gets me to think of how I could be doing things differently in my life and in my business. 




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