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Nov 7, 2022

In today’s episode, I get to sit down with one of my good friends and host of Heart Melter, Templeton Walker. Templeton and I have a really in-depth conversation about our journeys in real estate, getting clear on what you really want, and we even share a couple of cringey but hilarious stories you’ve probably never heard from either of us before. Our conversation isn’t just about real estate, we reflect on a ton of stuff, talk about the ideas and insights that have been really impactful in our lives, and what we’re looking forward to going forward. If you follow Temp on Instagram you’ll know that he leads his life with authenticity and vulnerability, and he brings spades of this to discussion.
Templeton Walker is an investor, entrepreneur, Realtor and host of Heart Melter. Starting as just a single agent, to then a top team leader, to business owner, Templeton now runs 5 vertically integrated, stabilized companies.
Real estate is an industry where the path to getting rich is so simple, it doesn’t require a genius. It just needs a patient and consistent individual who can make a couple of great decisions. This, and the ability to have a business that fits with who we are means we can design exactly what we want for ourselves.
What’s sad, however, is that not enough agents take advantage of this privilege and really dig deep to find what fulfills them, and we end up living our lives based on what looks cool on social media and what gets celebrated from the stage. The result is us taking a path, and getting halfway up the mountain only to realize that we’re not on the right mountain for us.
At best, we just end up with a really inauthentic life that we don’t actually enjoy and at the very worst, we end up with an emotional and financial house of cards that can topple at any moment.
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