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The Kevin and Fred Show 

May 13, 2019


My name is Luke Jaten.

I love sales and marketing and advertising... but most of all direct response. I love practicing it. I love teaching it. I love consulting others on using it effectively. I love learning new ways to use it. I love reading about the history of it. I love talking about it.


But back before I took a class on it during my senior year of high school...


I couldn't even tell you what marketing was. 


A couple years later I answered a direct response ad about how to make money in mail order and by 1987 (at 19 years old) I was running full-page ads in magazines. 


Since then, I've used magazines, newspapers, tv, radio, direct mail, voice broadcasting, telemarketing (inbound and outbound), and all forms of internet advertising [Google, FB, CPA networks, native, email drops, etc] to market and sell...


Nutritional supplements, software, personal development, sandwich franchises, business opportunities, conference events, real estate courses, books, alarm systems, web design, investments, credit repair services, music clubs, magazine subscriptions and lots more.


In 2006 I started teaching my brand of marketing through home-study courses and online classes. Many of the folks I taught have gone on to create multi-million dollar direct response businesses selling all different kinds of things in all different kinds of markets.


So now you know a little bit more about me (professionally at least) than you did.