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Aug 7, 2023

In today’s episode, our favorite pilot turned team leader, turned real estate coach and entrepreneur, Nick McLean returns to the show for a third time. This time, he has a book and new real estate platform to share with us. Sitting down and writing a book is not an easy task for most people. In fact, Nick calls it the Grand Canyon of creation. The story of how the book came about is a lesson in and of itself, and along with that Nick shares what he believes it takes to survive in this market, and the new platform he’s using to help real estate teams. 


Nick is an entrepreneur, coach and founder/CEO of the Nick McLean Real Estate Group, and author of Million Dollar Agent: The Proven Playbook To Build a Real Estate Empire. The former pilot uses knowledge in systems piloting and applying the same techniques he learned from the aviation industry to build a successful real estate business. 


Nick McLean is an executive-level real estate broker. His team sells more than 500 homes and produces over $250,000,000 in sales volume annually. Through his years of trial and error and high-value education, he has discovered what it takes to build and maintain his position as an industry leader. He not only passes on his knowledge as an elite real estate coach with Jon Cheplak's Select Coaching, but he also provides his own team with training sessions each morning and numerous opportunities to expand their credentials and professional development.

Nick McLean is also a former wildland firefighter and trained commercial Boeing 747 pilot. He prides himself on clocking out at 11 a.m. so he can be a devoted father, husband, and Competitive XC Mountain Bike Racer. Nick wrote "Million Dollar Agent" to share his business acumen with everyone.



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