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Mar 13, 2023


In this episode, I’m joined by Brindley Tucker, the woman who has closed 5000 transactions without selling a single house. When it comes to the admin side of real estate, Brindley is a pro. From scaling and structuring to leadership and team building, she’s spent a lot of time in and around successful businesses, so she understands what keeps real estate professionals from scaling their business and building a strong structure in it. 


Brindley Tucker is a Coach, Speaker, Trainer and CEO and Owner of Your Realty Leverage, Inc. Your Realty Leverage, Inc. understands what it takes to be a successful business owner. They offer agents, teams, and brokerages every piece of LEVERAGE they need to build a successful career in Real Estate. Whether it's Transaction Management or Hiring & Training, they take all the non-money-making tasks off your plate so you can STAY FOCUSED ON GROWTH! 


Leverage and sales have an interesting relationship. In order to need leverage, we have to put in the time to be great at sales, but then we don’t put in the time to get great at leverage, and that keeps us from growing any further. Most of us know how to sell houses in our sleep, but we don’t know how to scale an organization, which is critical. 


In the beginning, you’re just doing whatever it takes to generate and make it rain to pay our bills, but at some point, we’ll need to switch to building and scaling to make what we’re doing sustainable. 


The reason we screw up the leverage piece is more subconscious and less about the logistics. Once we take care of that, we can have the organization with results and by extension, the culture we want. 


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