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Jul 29, 2019


Margaret Smith is a phenom in the world of Real Estate Team Operations where she is employed by Pickett Street Properties in the Seattle WA area. She is an experienced operations guru with a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Washington. She has taken her background in social work and art degree and applied it the real estate industry over the last 7 years. Margaret’s focus is on recruiting, screening, interviewing, hiring, public relations, client events, team culture, and social media. She partners up with Jesse D. Moore on a regular podcast called Finely Clicked. Margaret and Jesse discuss business, leadership, and personal development.

Margaret’s biggest learning curve coming into the real estate world was learning to communicate with agent-minded people in general and bridging the gap between agents and admin. She has learned the importance of developing the relationship between Rain Maker Agents and support staff and teaches a class on this called “Make it Rain Together”. Having been brought up with the knowledge of embracing both human and social capital as a path to success, she knew immediately how valuable it is in navigating the real estate business and began networking from the start. She surrounds herself with successful people because the more perspectives you have, the better to serve yourself and your team.

The number one issue most agents have when starting a team is the relative lack of business or people experience which is a lack of leadership. The beauty of the real estate business is the constant flow of self-development to gain the leadership needed to form a strong team with little to no turnover. Personal self-development uncovers passion, talent, and skills; it’s shocking how little people spend on personal development. Agents who want to form a team should interview at least 5 candidates and train them well in both business and personal development.

Margaret hosts an annual retreat for Directors of Operations where she invites operational gurus to speak. It is held annually in April. For more information on this retreat, go to her Facebook page:

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