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Jun 21, 2021

In the third part of my epic conversation with Adam Robinson, we discuss why no one is immune to the stupid zone. Even the most careful, intelligent and cautious people and even virtuosos, can make mistakes that from the outside looking in seem incredibly stupid. 


It’s important for us to become aware of the fact that we’re all prone to the stupid zone, and that there are conditions under which we can end up in a zone where we could make a similar mistake. 

We also discussed; 

  • The lesson YoYo Ma teaches us about the stupid zone 
  • What the Great Game is and how can we play it 
  • How to create more fun and delight in the world

Guest Info


Adam Robinson is an American educator, freelance author, and a US Chess Federation life master. He is the co-founder of The Princeton Review. He currently works as a global macro advisor to the heads of some of the world's largest hedge funds through his company Robinson Global Strategies. He advises the heads of large hedge funds, family offices, and other financial institutions on all global asset classes–global equities, US sectors, bonds, currencies, and commodities–using a unique approach that combines game theory, systems thinking, Bayesian analysis, and behavioral economics to outthink global markets and anticipate when major trends will change.