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Jul 31, 2023

In today’s episode, I’m excited to have my buddy and host of GSD Mode, Josh Smith back on the podcast to talk about what he’s been up to, and how he’s preparing for what’s coming in the real estate market. Josh is a brilliant marketer and entrepreneur, and he’s a huge giver to the real estate industry. After taking 8 months off and thinking of leaving real estate (he was thinking of buying a farm), he’s returned with a bigger motivation to pour gas on what he was doing in the industry. Today, he shares what this journey looked like, what he learned from walking away from other business ventures, and what he’s aiming to accomplish in this market shift. 


For Josh, stepping off the hamster wheel of meetings, clients, putting out fires in the business, and getting away from the noise and having time in solitude was necessary, but uncomfortable. There are times where we need to step away from what we do so well to not just reignite our passion for it, but to land at the fact that you want to do a better version of what you’re already doing.

Guest Info


Josh Smith is a Realtor, coach, serial entrepreneur and host of #1 Real Estate Podcast, GSD Mode. He is one of the top Realtors in the world along with running many other very successful companies. He has been voted the 30th Top Realtor In America By The Wall Street Journal, he’s an NAR's "30 Under 30" Finalist, and he’s also co-owner of a real estate software company "Perfect Storm". Josh successfully coaches/mentors over 1,000 Realtors yearly all over the US and Canada.


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