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May 1, 2023

In today’s episode, Ryan Gorman returns to the show to give us an update on what he’s been up to. Ryan’s leadership abilities are incredibly admirable, along with his mission to impact communities in a meaningful way through affordable housing options. Ryan has found a way to cut through the red tape that comes with making affordable housing a reality, and to get the buy-in of different stakeholders and professionals. He shares how this mission came about, and what real estate agents can do to help make affordable housing a reality.  


Ryan Gorman is the co-founder of btcRE. Driven by service, he is guided by integrity, and passionate about the intersection of people and place. He believes in the beautiful efficiency and impenetrable logic of classic bicycles, well-conceived roundabouts, and housing-first public policy. It brings Ryan joy to help people create the communities they deserve, from physical neighborhoods to high-performing organizations to digital collaboratives. His career travels include technology investment banking in Silicon Valley (Credit Suisse First Boston), fixed-income investing on Wall Street (The Blackstone Group), and private equity due diligence across the country (PricewaterhouseCoopers). Most recently, he was honored to lead a $5 billion worldwide enterprise (Coldwell Banker) with thousands of employees supporting over 100,000 entrepreneurs in more than 40 countries. For more information, head to


Affordable housing is something most cities in America desperately need, but the process of making it happen is where things get complicated. It’s one thing to have the intention to impact communities, but we all know how red tape often gets in the way of even the best intentions. Additionally, there are a lot of myths that make it hard for would-be supporters to buy-in. How do you make sure you ultimately have the effect you want to have through affordable housing? How do you make sure different people in the community buy into the mission and see the power in making it happen?


Many people want affordable housing to be part of their city’s future, but they don’t know how to put that intention into action. There are so many ways anyone can get involved.  From agents who put a face to homeowners, to people in the community showing up to city meetings to help change variances to accommodate affordable housing. 



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