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Feb 20, 2023

In today’s episode, we’re back with Dustin Runyon for another special Fired Up Friday. As always, any sit down with Dustin is going to be packed with insights and ways to think differently, and today we’re going to be sharing our highlights from our recent mastermind. Through our masterminds, we get to bring together great minds because it introduces us to new viewpoints and perspectives, and that’s huge in our lives and businesses. 


In real estate teams, there’s bank account success, stage talk success, and actual fulfillment. The high performing teams that have sustained success are well-rounded and have the same things in common. 


When you find out what these attributes are, one pattern instantly emerges - the results are heavily reliant on the team leader, and all the things they have to track and commit to on a daily basis. 


The problem with a lot of team leaders isn’t FOMO, it’s actually FOFO (The Fear of Finding Out). In order to build a high performance environment, we have to get comfortable with keeping score of our activities and the activities of the people we lead. 



Guest Info


Dustin Runyon is a real estate team leader, speaker, coach and connection specialist. He is a stimulant for change, helping thousands find their truth and their path in order to create a life they can truly be proud of. Helping guide companies and individuals break into their power! 


Dustin believes we need the truth in order to move forward and that your truth lies inside of you waiting to be faced, waiting to be confronted with arms of openness and readiness.


Runyon dreams of a world where we are filled with joy, fulfillment and a deep need to give and serve those around us. A world where we are excited about who we are and are moving towards becoming more of who we were destined to become. A place where we help instead of hurt, give instead of take and love instead of hate. His mission is to create just that. He hopes that you decide to take part.


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