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Dec 24, 2018

Mark McMinn founded the Mark McMinn Real Estate team on the principles he learned growing up:


Excellence - be the best to achieve the best.

Integrity - always be honest.

Serve - go above and beyond for people.

Accountability - give 100% every single time.

Solutions - be positive and solve problems.

Learning - learn the best practices and keep improving.


Having been born and raised in the south, Mark understands Southern hospitality and the work it takes to create something you're proud to show the world. Growing up in metro-Atlanta, then spending 10 years in the Upstate and Low Country of South Carolina before returning to greater Atlanta, Mark has a passion and a love for the South. When you meet him, you'll feel like you've rekindled a friendship with a person you've known your entire life. Mark spent years as a pastor leading local congregations all the while investing in and flipping homes before transitioning his full time efforts within real estate. Mark month after month, quarter after quarter, year after year, stands head and shoulders above his peers. As a noted speaker, marketing fanatic, real estate lover, fanatic of all things Atlanta sports, you'll be at home trusting Mark McMinn and his team with, what is for most, the most valued asset in their lives.