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Dec 30, 2019

Our guest today is Jeff Corn, an entrepreneur who is combining the art of photography with the science of marketing, while helping solve a key issue in the real estate industry, high quality, consistent photography. He is the founder of Virtuance, a real estate photography and visual marketing partner which helps agents make sure a buyer’s first impression of a home is enough for them to want to take action. The tech company has now expanded to 31 cities, so Jeff knows a whole lot about expanding and scaling business, and what works in real estate marketing.


The success of Virtuance is owed to the fact that Jeff and his team have taken the time to analyze the photographic attributes that make a buyer click on an image and then making sure those attributes are present in every photo they produce. His passion for people, and knowledge on scaling are just a few things that make him a leading entrepreneur. Dan will share on the story behind his company, growing a business and the future of real estate and technology. 


In the world of real estate, the MLS photo is the very first viewing of a home, and the potential buyer’s willingness to go and see the house in person, hinges greatly on how good the photographs are. Very often, the photos we take and post just aren’t good enough to stand out on the MLS, so it’s important to make an investment in quality content. If we are able to apply a high level of attention to the visual marketing content we put out, we can sell more homes too. It ultimately comes down to consistency and quality- something we must always uphold in any marketing endeavor. 

On This Episode, We Discussed;

- How Virtuance got started. 

- The importance of people in our businesses.

- How to scale and resist the drive to scale too quickly. 

- The key factors Virtuance uses to determine a market to expand into. 

- The definition of disappointment. 

- Where things are headed in real estate. 


Guest Info

Jeff is the co-founder and CEO of Virtuance, a Full-Service Real Estate Marketing company that specializes in HDReal™Photography and Visual Marketing. Go to for more information, or email