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Nov 14, 2022

In today’s episode, recent guest Jay White returns for another show because after the first conversation, we HAD to do a follow-up. At the tail-end of our last conversation, Jay talked about his “real estate Mamba mentality” and the fact that his team does script practices multiple times a day. I knew I had to have him back on the show to dig deeper on this. We also recently went to Ben Kinney’s BuiltHOW event where Michael Phelps was a speaker, and he also talked about the power of practice. It’s crazy because in the few weeks since Jay’s first episode, the market has changed even more, so his insights on practicing and sharpening our skills are extremely relevant. 


Jay White is the Operator/Partner at the Jay White Group with PLACE Inc. Their expertise is understanding how to help people get “the most money for their property OR the most property for their money. 


One of the most impressive things about Kobe Bryant was his mentality on perfecting his craft. He understood and personified the compound effect of practicing twice, thrice even four times more than everyone else because ultimately that’s what creates a gap so big no one can ever catch you. 


Real estate’s no different. Imagine how much better you’d be than other agents (heck, your old self) if you practiced scripts on a daily basis? In a market where survival will be ensured by skill set, multiplying your practice time is non-negotiable. If you’re doing what you need to do everyday, the compounding effect is exponential - you’ll look up in future and realize that much like Kobe, you’re in a league of your own. 




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