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Aug 21, 2023

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Travis Crow and Veronica Morrow, two real estate professionals who have come together to create an amazing program for lead generation and business growth. 


Not everyone in real estate is built for the grind of door knocking and cold calling. Many agents succeed doing it not because it’s their natural behavior, but because they are just hardworking and hard headed. As a result, that success weighs heavily on you because you’re doing business against your own grain. 


What’s awesome about real estate (and equally challenging) is that there’s a lot of ways to do business. The key isn’t following what everyone else is doing. It’s not giving up until you find the thing you’re willing to do day in and day out.


When Travis Crow stopped trying to do business like everyone else and found his thing, his business quadrupled. Now he and coach, speaker agent and loan officer, Veronica Morrow have partnered to provide a similar solution to other real estate professionals. 


Guest Info


Travis Crow is a real estate agent and co-founder of Market Master Agents, a business-in-a-box solution for real estate agents. 


Veronica Morrow is a coach, trainer, speaker, real estate agent, loan officer and co-founder of Market Master Agents. 



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