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Sep 11, 2023

We’re all equipped with natural strengths, abilities and things that come easy to us. Those things are powerful clues to our calling. Unfortunately, when we go through the journey of unearthing that calling, imposter syndrome walks right beside it. There’s that voice that says, “you’re not worthy of this, so don’t even try,” and more often than not, we buy into it because of a story that’s been living in our brains for a long time. 


In our moments of greatest revelation, our old stories and patterns come out. That’s how we can experience the clarity of knowing what we’re meant to do, at the same time as the imposter syndrome that we have no right to do that thing. If we don’t do something about it, we’re ultimately giving ourselves an excuse not to fulfill our dreams. 


What blocks us from our next level isn’t tactics and strategies - we know what we need to do. The problem is the stories we tell ourselves, the mindset patterns that block us from our next level. Even incredible coaches and leaders go through the journey of discovering these stories and overcoming them. Peak Performance Coach, Kamille Rose Taylor shares her own journey to finding her calling and what blocks us from our next level. 



Don’t underestimate what comes easy to you because oftentimes, what comes easy to you may be the very strength someone else is looking for. -Kamille Rose Taylor


There is something for you in this world based on the very unique set of skills you have, you don’t just have to fit into the marketplace. -Kamille Rose Taylor


If you learn to harness the power of your focus, you win. -Kamille Rose Taylor


Success is 10-20% strategy and tactics and 80-90% the psychology of the individual. -Kamille Rose Taylor


The reality is, even people that are doing great aren’t doing great everywhere. -Kevin Kauffman 


In your moments of greatest stress or revelation, your old stories and patterns come out. -Kamille Rose Taylor 


Focus is going to start with clarity and the second thing is simplicity or elimination. -Kamille Rose Taylor


When you’re doing that thing that you’re meant to do, it feels like play to you and looks like work to others. -Kamille Rose Taylor


The mind is only going to do whatever you ask it to do. -Kamille Rose Taylor


Transformation comes from a relational walk with another person, particularly someone who is dedicated to being in your corner. -Kamille Rose Taylor


If you’re looking to up your game and take it to the next level, the main thing you can put your energy into is that power of focus. -Kamille Rose Taylor


If I’m going to answer what I consider God’s calling for my life, I’ve got to get really in touch with the demons inside me.  -Kamille Rose Taylor


You need to have a team around you, especially if you want to play at a really high level. -Kamille Rose Taylor


Key Points  


Ask yourself better questions

The question “what’s wrong with me” is really dangerous. Think of your brain as a Google search engine - it will just follow your prompt and provide the result you requested. Asking what’s wrong with us is an inefficient way to get to the solution. Instead, we have to learn to make better prompts and ask our brains higher quality questions. 


Uncovering the story 

The beliefs we have and stories we tell ourselves have a lot of power. When we have an underlying story that makes us feel unworthy, it’s going to come to the surface when we discover what our true calling is. If we’re going to answer the call God has for our lives, we have to find out what that story is so that we can change it.


Stop comparing down, start comparing up 

Comparison is one of the biggest barriers to our next level, especially when we compare up instead of comparing down. When we compare down, we look at what other people have done, and we disparage and belittle ourselves. When we compare up, we look at what other people have done and get inspired and use that to see what’s possible for ourselves. 


There’s no peak performance when you’re distracted

There are so many distractions, so many shiny objects especially in real estate. We could spend all our time analyzing things, and that keeps us from our next level. The environment we’re in is no longer the information age - we’re way past that. We’re in the attention age, where we’re going to drown in information without even looking for it. It becomes more critical to focus our time and energy on what truly moves the needle. 


Focus in 2 easy steps 

There are two key aspects of focus - clarity and simplicity. First, we need to have a hyper-clear, high definition vision of what we want, then we have to seek simplicity which is ultimately the elimination of what isn’t necessary. 




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