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Aug 28, 2023

In today’s episode, Chris Bowers returns for the third time. The last time he was on the show, it was when the market was starting to look different from the highs we saw in 2020/2021. As someone who constantly challenges himself to “break his business model” to make it bigger and better, Chris is going to share some of the changes he’s made in his life and business over the last 18 months. He shares how the showing agent model has transformed his team, what “stacking wins” means to him and why working more hours shouldn’t be our default answer when we want to earn more money. 


Chris Bowers is a Realtor, Investor and owner of the Bowers Team, and the host of The agentXcel podcast. Chris has been in real estate for over 16 years, but he has been an entrepreneur since his teens. Today, Chris and his wife run a successful team selling over 140 units with half of those being Chris’ personal production. He has also built a solid rental portfolio that continues to grow to this day. 


Ask most business owners what they need to do to earn more money, the default answer is: work more hours. That’s the lazy answer. Some of the most massively successful people actually work a lot less. They don’t cheat by working more hours, they extract more juice out of their few working hours and let leverage do a lot of the heavy lifting. 


Once we take “work more hours” off the table, we’re one step closer to breaking down some barriers to a true way to grow. We’re able to break our business models so that we can build bigger and better. We’ll also learn how to be more productive within a tighter number of working hours. That leaves room for hobbies and other pursuits because our sometimes creativity ruins the simplicity of this business. 


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