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Mar 6, 2023

In today’s episode, I’m joined by a repeat return guest, Dave Z. One of the most admirable things about him is his drive to constantly refine his business model to match who he is and what he wants. This is very evident in how he designed leverage in his business, refusing to be constrained by the way things have always been done in this industry. In his first appearance on the show, he shared how the showing partner model increased his profit by over 300%. Well, after seeing the limitations of that initial model, he has yet again evolved the leverage in his business by tapping into a network of on-demand showing agents. He shares what led him down his path and also why he wishes more agents took the idea of leverage much further. 


Dave Z is the Team Owner at The Z Team brokered by eXp Realty. He brings 14+ years of real estate experience to home buyers and sellers throughout Arizona. He has helped hundreds of families meet their real estate goals and is consistently ranked as one of the top 1% realtors in the Valley and top 3% in the country. As a Certified Distressed Property Expert, (CDPE) Dave understands short sale, foreclosure transactions as well as traditional home sales. Dave utilizes a team approach to his real estate business operating with full time buyers agents, administrative and support staff to ensure every client receives the full attention they deserve when selling or buying one of their largest if not the largest asset they will own. 


So many real estate agents put constraints on their businesses because of dumb industry rules that lack a real purpose. There’s so much adherence to “how we’ve always done things” that it robs us of the ability to build a business that matches who we are. This is very evident in the way we think of outsourcing showing homes, we’re comfortable with leverage in other areas but that specific thing is a no-go. 


Part of the problem is that a lot of us don’t have any real value outside of showing homes. If you’re not a strong consultant, negotiator and communicator, of course you’ll have a hard time giving up the one area you believe you have value. The truth is: we don’t have to earn our stripes in real estate by showing homes - it’s not the most valuable use of our time. You can be a badass, profitable agent by providing an amazing experience through other people.

You can also call or text Dave on 480-332-6468. 



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